Violent Femmes : Hallowed Grounds

On the hollowed grounds
Do the reaped souls weep, 
For their painful presence
Offers them no rest, nor sleep


The album itself is a unique sound I had not heard before (one month shy of fifteen so I can say that), and inspires a darker outtake and perspective of music.  Perhaps The Cure still rank as obscure, following the usual New Wave bands, but Violent Femmes has given me, once again, and inspiration I had misplaced. Perhaps it’s my inner bitch, but no one understands me, and this music is the only way I an express myself ( excluding the poetry).

  I mean it, I feel that when keeping this music in mind, it was written for me. Maybe it’s because my parents never loved me enough (when in truth they love me too much) but I swear, I know I am different.


        So, a different sound for a different person.